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IMyFone KeyGenius

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An app for decrypting your iTunes backup in case of forgotten password

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added on April 12, 2019


Offers different approaches to password decryption
Can be quite fast in case that you remember at least part of the password
Compatible with all versions of iOS operating system and iTunes
Decryption process can be paused and resumed at a later time


In case of forgetting the whole password be prepared to wait for a long time
IMyFone KeyGenius
Price: $
The chances of losing your iOS device data, either by infected, damaged or lost device, and at the same time also forgetting your iTunes backup password are low, but it does happen. This is where apps like iMyFone KeyGenius come handy. So, lets see what this app is all about.

iMyFone KeyGenius can be used to unlock iTunes backup in case of lost or forgotten password, in case iTunes for some reason does not accept the password, or in any other similar situation. It uses innovative techniques along with CPU acceleration to offer high chances of success and also fast unlocking process.

Its interface is otherwise well designed and minimalistic. Besides its main functionality of unlocking iTunes backup it also offers an option for removing backup encryption entirely from your device. All of the steps for unlocking the device or disabling encryption are really easy with all the necessary information provided along the way.

Another thing that makes this application useful is that it offers three ways of decrypting the password, two of which are brute-force attacks with one of those being attack with known part of the password. The third possible decryption type is by using a dictionary.

Upside to the approach with known part of the password is that your chances of retrieval in considerate amount of time are much higher than if you forget your whole password and you would have to use pure brute-force or dictionary attack.

So, in case you really need the data that was on the iOS device, you can use iMyFone KeyGenius as a last resort for getting it back, but in case of strong passwords and without knowing even part of the password, be prepared to wait for a long time.
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